Learning Futures Network

An Informal Collaborative Network of Progressive Schools , Industry, Public Sector, Community and Cultural Organisations to Build Deep Learning Relationships with a Futures Focus

"Future public education will require involvement and collaboration among various local, civic, private and nonprofit entities, a concept I like to refer to as 'community entrepreneurship.'"
-- Donald Bren

The story so far:


The Learning Futures Network is a network of forward-thinking organisations, of both school and non-schools, whose thought leaders who are working together to:

  • Improve outcomes for students and solving the challenges facing a future of life-long learning through powerful and smart use of learning technologies ;

  • Use their collective voice to advance positive change across all sectors of education;

  • Collaborate with businesses, community, government, entrepreneurs, researchers, and leading education thinkers and to advocate, test and assess new future-focussed approaches to teaching and learning

The Learning Futures Network aims to create the social infrastructure, resources and context to develop more authentic and future-aware processes to support transformation and collaboration across student learning, school and staff development, and connections between and across higher education, industry, cultural and community organisations and the public sector.

The Learning Futures Network also provides an avenue for schools to learn about the expectations of higher education, alternative entry pathways, Direct Entry Portfolio processes, teacher professional learning and postgraduate opportunities, and to be more proactive in collaborative engagements with higher education.

Who we are

The Learning Futures Network is led by its membership (representing over 250 organisations), however we rely on the individuals who step up and do the work required to keep it a vital community. We’re always happy to hear from anyone who is willing to be an active and contributing member of the working group that keeps us ticking along.

Check out the membership list via our Network Map.

Simple Membership List

Kim Flintoff
Professor David Gibson
Tim Rowberry

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Networks take us beyond the limitations of low order performance indicators and are fundamentally generative in driving future success. Collective impact is greater than the sum of the parts.

Barabási proposes these five (5) laws of success:

1. “Performance drives success, but when performance can’t be measured, networks drive success;

2. Performance is bounded, but success is unbounded;

3. Previous success x fitness = future success;

4. While team success requires diversity and balance, a single individual will receive credit for the group’s achievements;

5. With persistence success can come at any time.”

(p. vii, 2018)

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We’re all working professionals and the Learning Futures Network is a community undertaking - please be patient if we aren’t always immediately available to answer your queries.

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